EU ban Nitrites and Vegetable extracts used for defrost tuna colouring.

The use of vegetable extract for defrosted tuna colouring is illegal and processed tuna products using nitrites injection methods will not be permitted anymore inside EU markets.

As per the documentation published by the European Commission, the colouring of tuna using vegetable extracts made mostly in Spain is fraudulent as it makes look frozen low quality tuna “nicer” while risk of high histamine content are strong as the tuna used for this method is frozen.

Unlike all these low prices products, imported fresh tuna from the Indian Ocean is fresh and untreated or unprocessed.

At Moalia we never really complained of these products unlike some other importers, as the treated tuna was not in the same price range of our high quality fresh tuna.

It is true that the use of the term and mark of “Sashimi” on labels and documents was damaging natural fresh tuna. While we have to rejoice on the fact that the EU is doing its job to protect consumers against fraudulent Comercial practice in our field, we are not happy that in companies where the entire productions was based on such product lot of people will lose their jobs.

The obligation to use a different and clear label for treated tuna – for a better differentiation with real fresh tuna – would have probably been wiser instead of a complete ban.

If you were buying such processed tuna and want to get natural fresh real sashimi loins please use the contact link to receive a quote today!


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