What we talk about when we talk about sustainable fishing.

Did you know that small familiar industries such as Moalia cause less environmental damage than large fishery industries?

In Moalia we care about the longevity of our planet so we compromise ourselves with sustainable projects that benefit the planet and our partners.

  • What is sustainability?

Sustainabilty is often associated with environmental causes, yet it also implies a protection of the economical environment of a territory or business. It also relates to a social development and a protection of the people’s health, focusing especially on pollution and other harmful activities carried by business and other organizations. Finally, sustainability is about maintaining access to basic resources without compromising the quality of life. Whereas as for environmental protection or for economical purposes, we encourage small and big industries to initiate the necessary steps towards a more environmental and sustainable future.

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  • Sustainable fishing

Tides and oceans are treated by the overexploitation of some fishing industries that use harmful methods to catch the specimens without selecting those who might be endangered or below minimum sizes.

Sustainable Fishing is the kind of procedures whose goal is to maintain the population of marine species in an ecosystem at optimal levels in order to protect survival, respecting their natural habitat, which is why fishermen have developed a series of techniques that do not have a negative impact in our ocean’s ecosystems. One of the most important aspects to take into account is the traceability: always facilitate a reliable information of the origin of all the caught fish, from the location of the capture to the market where is sold.

It implies a lawful labeling and identification system whose aim is to control the specimens from their capture to the table and to minimize the impact of fishing in the actual and upcoming population and to protect sensitive species and habitats.

That is why it is also important to carry on with fishing activities in areas where the correspondent authorities carry on an intense monitoring of the ecosystem and its flora and fauna population to avoid the disappearance of the existing fish.

Finally, it is necessary to minimize the use of chemicals and waste in all operations, as well as using selective fishing methods that adapt to the marine habitat and do not compromise endangered species by minimizing accidental catches.

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