Moalia, more than just a brand.

What does Moalia really mean?

Moalia is a made up word that can mean a lot of things but here we are going to explain what it represents, what it inspires. When we talk about Moalia we are referring to a family business, since the brand was created by a passionate father and his son, working alongside to provide the best services on fishing exports from the beginning of this adventure.

But we are more than a small family business, we are a middle to big society, ranked amongst the first 5 000 brands in Spain. Though we are not genies or super heroes we pride ourselves to be hard workers, and we personalise our treatment with our clients, which makes us the grand firm we have built until today.

We are, in a word, more than just tuna.

moalia's natural tuna

Why “More than just tuna?

We are indeed experts in tuna, which represents about 80-90% of all our sales, and yet, we also are “more tuna”. More tuna for our clients, more tuna for our fishermen to catch. We work with multiple suppliers all over the world, with different origins but always assuring the highest quality in the market. As a result, we always have stock to sell and, unlike other competitors, we can always assure that, no matter the time of the year, our high quality products will freshly arrive to our client’s hands in the quantities they require. That way, we have earned the trust if our loyal customers.

Thus our slogan, more than tuna, which was born a few years back, inspired by what we do. It represents our goal that we keep fulfilling everyday, we go beyond tuna and we offer high quality products that we catch ourselves. We choose with our clients the best pieces and packagings and we propose an impecable customer service and an after-sales service. Furthermore, we want to create bonds with our clients by offering them a counselling service to determine which pieces and quantities would be better for their business. However, we have not stopped at tuna and we also sell swordfish, monkfish and we are currently working with exotic fishes such as mahi-mahi or barramundi.

Our mission is also wider. In Moalia, we respect our customers and thus, we guaranty that all of our products are traceable, fished by a man and not by a big fishing boat, always fresh, never frozen, never artificially coloured and, of course, untreated.

That way, every time you open the fridge, you will have the tranquility of knowing that you have the best product in the market.

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