Probably the best Poké recipe ever.

Today's recipe is very special for us as it is one of our boss' favourites!

Who doesn't appreciate a GREAT poke? This hawaiian dish has in fact japanese inspiration and we like it fresh and a little bit spicy.

Do you want to know our secret recipe?

You will need (for two):

- 400 grams of Moalia's fresh tuna sashimi chunk

- An avocado, sliced and cubed

- Half a spring onion

- 6 tablespoons of Kikkoman's traditional soy sauce

- Wasabi for the adventurers

Cut the tuna in cubes (1 cm aprox) and let it marinate it with wasabi, to taste -careful, it is spicy!-and the soy sauce for at least half and hour. Add the spring onions and toss it all together.

You can add salt, pepper, lemon or Tabasco and serve it with rice or eat it right away to fully appreciate the flavours. Let it sit on the fridge until it is cold and serve it with rice or just eat it right away to fully appreciate the flavours.

Let us know if you follow our recipe and enjoy the freshest fish all year long with us!

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