Moalia celebrates 25 years!

In honor of Moalia's anniversary, and now that you have seen on social networks how we work, we want to tell you a story. The story of a company with human values, concerned about the planet and with an unquestionable quality that has been maintained over the years ... We are more than "just tuna" and this is our personal story.

Moalia was born in 1994 by Pierre Bodin and his son Jean François, connoisseurs of the world of fresh tuna and with previous experience. Since 1990, father and son collaborated with a structure that imported fresh vacuum-sealed tuna from Oman, Sri Lanka and Indonesia with French machinery and imported from Muscat.

At the beginning, Moalia brought its products from Oman and Indonesia and soon became a pioneer in its field since, at that time, there was not even one company exporting vacuum-packed tuna loins but only whole gutted fish called GG ("Gilled and Gutted"). 
It was at the end of the 90's when the "boom" of the tuna arose and taking advantage of the pull, a great multitude of companies began to commercialise with the less orthodox versions of this product, normally treated with CO. For its part, Moalia decided to stay out of this fashion, still betting on the freshest cuts so, after the ban on adulterated tuna a few years later, our company was still standing and with its values intact, and while other companies are fighting to find the best price neglecting the commitment to freshness, Moalia only seeks the unique quality and freshness that characterize us.

In 2001 a ban was lifted against frozen treated tuna and tuna supplies plummeted. However, Moalia had an ace up its sleeve as it was one of the few global companies to supply fresh tuna from the most exporting countries of the time: Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In this way, Moalia gained tremendous popularity among fresh tuna aficionados and demand grew like foam. So we started working with the best suppliers in Indonesia. New customers appeared and Moalia felt as if it controlled the production of rough diamonds from a mine.

In 2004, Jean-François embarked on an adventure to find a new sourcing of fresh tuna that took him to the Maldives while, from headquarters, relations with Indonesia and Sri Lanka were strengthened.

In 2007, Pierre opted for retirement as new members joined the team of Jean-François and Maribel, our accounting secretary. Roula entered in 2008 and today she is responsible for Sales, Marine, our youngest member is responsible for the French-speaking market, and she joined Moalia two years ago while Diego has been working with us for less than a year as responsible for the Anglo-Saxon market. Today we want to thank them for their dedicated work and for the energy they put into our mission.

Currently Moalia distinguishes itself from other companies for its sustainable fishing, which for us is much more than a sales argument, is a commitment to the preservation of the oceans and their ecosystems as well as to all those families who depend on fishing to live. We pride ourselves on following the rules and not joining the dirty game that other companies play but focus on a vision of a more welcoming future for society that sees all its needs met. 
One of the challenges we face is the proliferation of plastic in the oceans, a catastrophic epidemic that our governments insist on ignoring and which, every day, has harmful consequences for marine fauna and flora, directly affecting our planet.

As we strive to make the world a less hostile place, we at Moalia like to experiment with our star products, such as sashimi, with fresh and fun recipes and try to convey our passion through interaction with our customers, our blogs and our social networks.

Committed to quality as the cornerstone in the present and future of the company, Moalia continues to grow as a business every day.

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