Our History

Moalia was born in 1994 in the province of Murcia, Spain. Created by Pierre and Jeff Bodin.


From 1994 onwards Moalia was exporting fresh tuna G&G and loins from Oman, to Rungis and Spain.

Activity well known by the founders. They were the first, back in 1989 as part of another structure, to import by air cargo to the international market of Rungis, fresh yellowfin tuna.


Similarly, at the very beginning of the 90’s, they were pioneers in the commercialisation of fresh vacuum packed tuna loins from the Indian Ocean.

This is with great sadness we announce that Mr. Pierre Bodin fonder of Moalia passed away on the 7th of January. We will always cherish his memory as an outstanding man, grand father, husband and dad, a boss, a partner but as well as a  pioneer in the fresh tuna worldwide business.


C’est avec la plus grande tristesse que nous vous annonçons le décès de Pierre Bodin fondateur de MOALIA. Il restera toujours dans notre souvenir comme un homme extraordinaire, grand-père, père et mari, patron et partenaire mais aussi comme un pionnier dans la filière internationale du thon frais.

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