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Our Mission

Every day in 8 countries of the European Union Moalia serves fresh seafood with high added value from 6 different countries of origin, and not just fresh Tuna.

In addition to our Sashimi range, we distribute fresh fish which are popular among gourmet aficionados such as Swordfish, Monkfish and John Dory, allowing our team to offer high-quality fresh products throughout the year.

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Fresh Fish

Real fresh Sashimi tuna

not frozen or defrost not treated not artificially coloured only fresh from the sea.

Environmental Responsibility



The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program advises hundreds of  businesses through its partnership program, helping transform the marketplace in favor of environmentally responsible fisheries and aquaculture operations.

During 2017 Moalia enrolled as a Seafood Watch Industry Collaborator, committing to sharing the sourcing details and Seafood Watch rating for all products offered. Furthermore, Moalia is the first EU fresh tuna importer to have made this commitment

By working with the Seafood Watch Business Partner team, Moalia and its suppliers are receiving guidance on sustainable seafood selections to ensure exceptional quality while maintaining a commitment to the health of our oceans.

Seafood Watch is a registered trademark of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation

Moalia's Team

Established in 1994 and specialised in Fresh Tuna imports and exports Moalia is known as a Pioneer in the Sashimi Tuna field. Because we care for our Clients, Products and Suppliers we make a difference in our field since over twenty years. We have only selected high quality sustainable fresh tuna from the finest oceans, our team fights everyday to get the best quality and service, from Sri Lanka and the clearest waters of The Maldives we are sourcing daily high quality fresh tuna since the 90’s.

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